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Housing Macroeconomics Regional & Urban Economics
November 2021
Income Growth and the Distributional Effects of Urban Spatial Sorting
with Victor Couture, Cecile Gaubert, and Jessie Handbury

Conditionally Accepted, Review of Economic Studies

Housing Macroeconomics Regional & Urban Economics
February 2019
Regional Heterogeneity and the Refinancing Channel of Monetary Policy
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(1), 109-83
With Martin Berja, Andreas Fuster, and Joe Vavra

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Housing Labor Markets Macroeconomics
October 2018
Housing Booms and Busts, Labor Market Opportunities, and College Attendance
American Economic Review, 108(10), 2947-94
With Kerwin Charles and Matt Notowidigdo

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Housing Labor Markets Regional & Urban Economics
February 2018
Housing Booms, Manufacturing Decline and Labor Market Outcomes
Economic Journal, 129(6)
With Kerwin Charles and Matt Notowidigdo

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Housing Macroeconomics Regional & Urban Economics
October 2016
Regional Redistribution through the U.S. Mortgage Market
American Economic Review, 2016, 106(10), 2982-3028
With Ben Keys, Amit Seru, and Joe Vavra

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Housing Labor Markets Macroeconomics Regional & Urban Economics
April 2016
The Masking of the Decline in Manufacturing Employment by the Housing Bubble
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30(2), 179-200
With Kerwin Charles and Matt Notowidigdo
Housing Regional & Urban Economics
January 2013
Endogenous Gentrification and House Price Dynamics
Journal of Public Economics, 103(5), 1664-96
With Veronica Guerrieri and Dan Hartley

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Consumption Housing
December 2004
Home is Where the Equity Is: Mortgage Refinancing and Household Consumption
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 36(6), 985-1014
With Frank Stafford
Housing Self Employment Wealth
April 2004
Liquidity Constraints, Wealth Accumulation, and Entrepreneurship
Journal of Political Economy, 112(2), 319-47
With Anna Lusardi
May 2002
The Transition to Home Ownership and the Black/White Wealth Gap
Review of Economics and Statistics, 84(2), 281-97
With Kerwin Charles